Feeding dogs kibble, cooked, raw, vegan

Should you be feeding dogs kibble, cooked, raw or vegan? People often ask me what is the right diet for a dog. My answer usually is based on a few factors; budget, health of animal and owner compliance.  So assuming the owner wants to try and give their dog the best they can what do these diets look like? Continue reading Feeding dogs kibble, cooked, raw, vegan

My Energy Secret

People often ask me how I do it where do I get all my energy from?! I work from 6:30 am till about 11 pm pretty much 7 days a week. I have a farm with LOTS of my own animals and I’m a busy Homeopathic doctor for my human and animal clients. 🙂 I LOVE my job…but it can be taxing…so what do I do to make sure I don’t fizzle out? Continue reading My Energy Secret

Constipated Cat

Do you know what to do if you have a constipated cat? If your cat doesn’t go to the litter at the at least once daily, if your cat’s stool is hard and no litter sticks to it you are probably dealing with a constipated cat! If you notice your cat is a bit grouchy perhaps or doesn’t like being picked up sometimes or appears moody with the above symptoms you may have a backed up kitty! So what to do about it? Continue reading Constipated Cat

Winter Horse Supplements

1117091618Winter Horse Supplements? Winter seems to always come up fast and horses need more supplements at this time than any other time.  Here in North America our winters can be long and very cold! This can be a bit challenging on our horses. We supply our horses with hay for nearly 6-7 months of the year so that means no fresh pasture, less sunshine especially Continue reading Winter Horse Supplements

Natural Care for Animals

The Natural Care for Animals Blog will keep you updated on new information and changes on our site.  Ivana will be sharing articles, news and suggestions to help you raise your pets more naturally.  There will be live discussions about illness and preventative measures for you and your pets!  We look forward to reading to your comments on topics you feel strongly about.

In order to read the full articles and participate in discussions please join our Inner Circle group.  If you would prefer to participate in group discussions first please join us on Facebook