My Energy Secret

People often ask me how I do it where do I get all my energy from?! I work from 6:30 am till about 11 pm pretty much 7 days a week. I have a farm with LOTS of my own animals and I’m a busy Homeopathic doctor for my human and animal clients. 🙂 I LOVE my job…but it can be taxing…so what do I do to make sure I don’t fizzle out? What is my energy secret?  Well I take whole food supplements and try to eat as much whole food fruits/veggies, good healthy fats as I can. I drink lots of carrot juice and ! Try to make sure everything I eat is organic whenever possible and I don’t drink, smoke or take any medications. If my body needs anything I use Homeopathy, food, herbs supplements.

One of my secret weapons for lots of energy is two items…apis

  1. Bee Pollen – 1 tsp a day I’m flying all day long!
  2. Spirulina/Blue Green Algae (as directed)- there were times when I was only able to get 4 hours sleep due to studies/seminars and this kept me more than going.

I’ll feature some of the other things I have taken in the past or take…but these are the ones at the moment that are fueling my days! Coffee isn’t good for us it is taxing on the body – it strips of our much needed vitamins and minerals just to balance out the pH levels never mind everything else. And above all else it doesn’t last! A bit of bee pollen and the energy lasts all day long! 🙂



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