Constipated Cat

Do you know what to do if you have a constipated cat? If your cat doesn’t go to the litter at the at least once daily, if your cat’s stool is hard and no litter sticks to it you are probably dealing with a constipated cat! If you notice your cat is a bit grouchy perhaps or doesn’t like being picked up sometimes or appears moody with the above symptoms you may have a backed up kitty! So what to do about it? There’s a few natural methods that can safely get your cat to go properly to the litter box firstly you will employ the help of certain supplements and foods.  Healthy Oils such as coconut oil, flax oil, fish oil, olive oil and even butter (always prefer organic). You will give 2-3 teaspoons daily mixed in food or syringed. At least one of these oils must be flax or fish oil for the omega 3 fatty acid content.

Vitamin C (non-gmo preferred) they have this in crystal/powder or pill form. You will give 500 mg per day and increase to bowel tolerance. So when you see the stools finally soften we stay at that amount for a bit. If you see diarrhea you would cut back by 500 mg and stay at that dose till stools are consistent. You are looking at doing the Vitamin C for at least a few weeks.

If you can switch your cat to a raw food diet or at least one meal a day raw…this will help TREMENDOUSLY! If you don’t know how…look to my other posts or message me. But the diet is a biggie.

If you feed kibble you will need to switch to raw as said above or switch to canned food or moisten kibble! Water is very important…cat’s aren’t big drinkers…has to be in their food!

If you already don’t feed raw food – you will have to give organ meats regularly for a constipated kitty give 1/2 tsp of liver a day till stools soften. Again organic preferred.

Last but not least (probably the most important on the list here) is giving Nux-vomica 30 CH a Homeopathic medicine a few times daily for about 3 days or so. Then stop. If you give 4 doses a day for 3 days…and still no change there may be something else going on that needs closer attention from a professional. So either contact me or another Holistic Vet.

***Special note to raw feeders…if you feed raw and have a constipated cat…you may have too much bone content and may have to cut back on the bone and increase muscle meat instead.***

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