Natural Care for Animals

The Natural Care for Animals Blog will keep you updated on new information and changes on our site.  Ivana will be sharing articles, news and suggestions to help you raise your pets more naturally.  There will be live discussions about illness and preventative measures for you and your pets!  We look forward to reading to your comments on topics you feel strongly about.

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Feed multiple dogs healthy CHEAPER than kibble

How can you feed multiple dogs healthy CHEAPER than kibble?  Many people have more than one dog – sometimes more than 3 dogs and they want to feed them as healthy as possible but budget can be an issue so they feel stuck feeding only kibble. So what are your options to give them as much Nutrition as possible but still not break the bank…Here they are 🙂

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Keeping dogs teeth clean without dentistry

Some people believe that keeping dogs teeth clean without dentistry…well this is simply not true! Not only can it be dangerous to keep putting your dog under sedation to get the teeth scaled but your dog’s teeth are a another story on what bigger health issues are actually happening. Continue reading Keeping dogs teeth clean without dentistry

Detox Heavy Metals Herb

When I do hair tests and heavy metals show up high for the cat, dog or horse being tested I put them on an effective Detox protocol utilizing individualized supplements and Homeopathic remedies but there is ONE detox heavy metals herb that I’d like to share with you that everyone can use for their animals that is safe and effective to add to the detoxing tool box… Continue reading Detox Heavy Metals Herb