Catnip good for cats

We see catnip in 90% of cat toys so cat’s will be drawn to the product and like it but is it really good for them? Is catnip good for cats? Well the answer is, it depends. Catnip is part of the mint family and I grow it in my garden. My cats enjoy nibbling on it and sleeping in the plant.  But I don’t trust the store bought catnip and here’s why. When I see my cats with fresh catnip they like it and play with it but they don’t look look high and disoriented. Some cats I’ve seen react very negatively to store bought dry catnip or catnip toys and personally I don’t want to make my pet high! Cat’s drooling, eyes half closed or crossed, disoriented walking and sometimes trembling. And if they eat too much vomiting and other GI issues. I don’t agree with that and at that point it could be harmful. Not sure what they add to the product or if it is the individual cats that react? but from what I’ve experienced I do not buy toys with catnip in them – nor do I buy dry catnip for my cats. I do however grow catnip outside and bring in a few leaves ONCE IN A WHILE for my cats – just not regularly only as a treat maybe couple times a month if that. I see the outdoor cats will visit my catnip in the garden but aren’t addicted to it! So better to grow it in a pot or outside in your garden – organic and fresh than from the store this way you know exactly what is in it!

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