Is Your Dog Drinking Enough?

Is your dog drinking too much water or not enough? Depending on the food you feed, the time of year (temperature) as well as health of your dog this may change however here’s some guidelines to what a dog should drink per day…

Because how much water a dog drinks can be a symptom for serious health conditions it is very important to monitor how much water a dog drinks.

Your dog should drink approximately 0.5 (15 ml) -1 oz (30 ml) per lb of body weight.

So a 10 lb dog would drink about 150 – 300 ml of water per day (about 1/3 to a little over half of a 500 ml standard water bottle of water).

A 50 lb dog should drink about 750 ml to 1500 ml or 1 1/2 to 3 water bottles (500 ml) a day and so on…

These amounts may vary of course if your dog is on a raw food diet…there is lots of water in the food as opposed to kibble which is very dry and may have additional salt (sometimes too much) added in making the dog drink even more.

In the summer these amounts may go up same as when we increase activity. If your dog doesn’t drink enough water even if in warm weather or after exercise have your dog checked out just in case.

Better find out what your dog’s normal is and monitor closely.


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