NATURAL FLEA PROTOCOL- If your cat or dog has fleas and you don’t want to use harsh chemicals and pesticide products that can harm your pet here’s what you can do.

Above all else – we have to realize sick animals attract parasites. Healthy animals may get bit by a flea or tick but they don’t become infested so the primary thing we must do is raise the level of health of the pet overall. How do we do that?

  1. Feed a Raw or Home cooked Specie appropriate diet. Do a hair test to determine what minerals are too low or what heavy metals may be present that are causing toxicity issues. An animal can NOT heal and repel pests if it is missing nutrients or has trouble detoxing.
  2. If your pet already has health issues – deal with this first. If your dog has allergies, hormone imbalances, organ troubles – the fleas and ticks will be attracted to your pet like bees to honey! Suppressing symptoms with medications (like pain meds for arthritis, or steroids for allergies) will also NOT heal the animal so this doesn’t count. Best way is to use Holistic therapies to fix the underlying cause.
  3. Fix the immune system, fix the digestion. These two work hand in hand at not allowing parasites to thrive. A good strong acidic stomach will not allow worms to hatch, good bacteria in the gut will also prevent parasites from taking hold.

Once the above are addressed we can finally take a look at the flea problem…as now they will start to respond to natural treatments because they are supported by a healthier body and their bodies no longer attract parasites. So to de-flea your pet here are the steps…

  1. Bathe all animals in the household with a plain Glycerin Liquid Soap and tea tree oil (or Oil of Oregano). You will need ¼ cup of Glycerin Soap and 3-5 drops of Tea tree. Please be careful with tea tree and use maybe one or two drops at first to see if your pet is sensitive to it. Some have reactions. Give your pet a good soaping – and leave the suds on for a couple of minutes before washing off thoroughly. Do this weekly till fleas are gone.
  2. DAILY flea comb each pet. If you have lots of pets then flea comb every 2-3 days each animal is fine…but be consistent…you are picking off the adults so they can’t breed. Flea combing really works well. But you must keep it up for a few weeks. Best is to do it in front of the TV helps pass the time.
  3. Vacuum daily for at least 3-4 weeks if possible. Or every 2-3 days if you are super busy. We want to vacuum up all the eggs as they can stay dormant for many years. You can put DE (diatomaceous earth on the floors and carpets at least weekly – leave on for a few minutes then vacuum up. Keep pets out of the rooms – and wear a mask as DE can harm the lungs if inhaled due to the small particles.
  4. Wash your pets bedding at least once a week.
  5. Essential Oils – I will mention I do not use ANY essential oils unless absolutely necessary and the reason why is that they are very strong and potent and can irritate the smell as well as skin of cats and dogs. Cats in particular need to groom and it may cause harm. So I don’t recommend using even Cedar Oil products as they are too strong for cats and dogs…
  6. Homeopathic ‘Flea Deter Mix’ is a combination remedy that can sometimes help prevent fleas from infesting a pet and from causing allergic responses IF done with the rest of the protocol above.




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