Raw Food Diet Won’t and Can’t Fix

As most of you know I am a big proponent of feeding animals raw specie appropriate foods. HOWEVER…there are many things even a raw food diet won’t and can’t fix. Here’s a list of some of them:

  1. Allergies – some will respond to changing the diet to raw especially if you remove the exciting cause ingredients and address some of the nutrient imbalances some will not. This is because allergies are not as simple to get rid of as one would want to think. You need to balance missing nutrients, detoxify toxins and treat underlying issues. Raw can sometimes help but not always…
  2. Chronic disease conditions – again if the disease was caused by a particular diet issue that was addressed with the raw food – the animal will get better but if is more complicated than that…the issue will not resolve. Proper Homeopathic prescribing to get to the root of the problem is needed.
  3. Bad nutritional imbalances – need time, need larger amounts of specific nutrients over a longer period of time to bring levels back to normal. Often times help from whole food supplements, individual supplements and herbs are needed in proper doses to address this.
  4. If you feed non-organic, raw foods that contain hormones/antibiotics – chances are these diets can still pose problems. Regular commercial fed livestock DOES NOT GET THE BEST NUTRITION. In fact they are only fed to get them fat and big as quickly as possible – these animals are NOT healthy…yes it is still far better feeding raw food diets than processed kibble but if your pet isn’t responding as you would have hoped please realize that commercially raised chicken, beef, pork etc. is deficient in nutrients already…so these animals used for food for your cat or dog can not pass on important nutrients they themselves never had…something to keep in mind.
  5. Toxic overload, vaccine or medication damage…need proper holistic treatment. Raw food diet is but one piece of the puzzle.

So, raw diets are great if done right but we have to be careful not to put all our hope into them either. They to have limitations as everything does. This is why it is important to work with a Homeopathic or Holistic animal vet that is well versed in nutrition and chronic disease to help with complex issues. If you have changed diets for your pet and have relapses or the problem is just not going away – get help with it. Don’t wait it out…some problems need the help of professionals.

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