epileptic cat

Recently had a case where owner had tried switching her epileptic cat from raw food to cooked and commercial processed food…along with a Vet approved herbal blend to help her with her seizures. Unfortunately the cat did not respond well from the combination and went from having one seizures every 1-2 months to every 2 hours non-stop for a few days. The cat is responding to Homeopathy and being put back on a raw food diet…having no more seizures for almost 2 days now she’s starting to calm down…with relief beginning almost immediately upon the Homeopathic medicine being administered. Seizures in cats and dogs seem to be on the rise and even natural attempts at trying to treat them can go wrong very quickly. Every animal is different. Each one responds to foods, herbs, medications and remedies uniquely. Even natural products can potentially do harm and great care must be taken to try and get to the bottom of the condition as soon as possible.

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