Ingredients from China

So found some disturbing information…MOST garlic as a supplement in cat, dog and horse feeds/supplement products is from CHINA. MOST synthetic supplements and herbs are from China as well (this includes your culinary herbs)…ALL CAT, DOG AND HORSE FOOD HAVE INGREDIENTS FROM CHINA! This is the reason why I make my own food for my animals as much as I possibly can…and try and source organic ingredients…
This is one of the major reasons my job can get very difficult. I may tell a client please put your dog or horse on garlic for a while as it is a fantastic natural antibiotic, antioxidant and has so many wonderful nutrients but if the garlic is Chinese we can actually be hurting the animal especially if the animal is already compromised! The list of benefits of organic locally sourced Garlic is very long…but if you buy a product (either fresh, minced packaged in oil or dry granules of garlic) that is from China you may be unknowingly harming your companion animal.

I remember the first few times I ate Chinese garlic…I literally felt sick. Got colic cramp symptoms and felt horrible. I tested my theory 3 times to make sure it was the garlic and lo and behold it was. I did some research and found some scary stuff. The Chinese garlic is sprayed and treated with tons of pesticides and chemicals – the product is no longer a health food but the opposite.

People often ask me why their pet is sick when they think they are doing everything right…well sadly even if you think you are giving something natural it may still be bad depending on where it came from! This is why I do tons of research and try to bring things back to basics so there is less room for errors.

Sadly, keeping an animal healthy is a full time job just doing research on what is safe and what isn’t. This is one of the main reasons I have devoted myself to animals’ health…my animals are my babies…there is nothing more frustrating and confusing when you think you are doing something right by giving a health food/ingredient/supplement and it is actually a poison…makes me very upset to say the least.

Ask many questions when you buy any product…maybe if we all do they will be afraid to source garbage because they will lose business.

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