Bone Chips

If you own a horse that has lameness due to bone chips you have to really take a deep look into the diet and supplementation. Bone chips contrary to popular belief do not simply happen because of too much strain on the horse (although ultimately this is what ends up happening when bones and joints are not strong enough) think osteoporosis type of ailments.

If was a simple case of over-exertion then that means all racehorses, jumpers and any horse pushed would have bone chips. Bone chips occur in horses who have weak bones and joints. This occurs mostly due to mineral/vitamin imbalances. For example if a horse is low in Calcium and Magnesium (which is needed in many critical bodily processes) then it will actively pull those nutrients from the bones to get the minerals thus weakening them. Performance horses in particular need more nutrients to prevent this from happening and often times their feed is inadequate especially if it contains GMO’s (this is 99% of feed out there). GMO’s actually block the absorption of certain nutrients so even if they are present in sufficient quantities they will not be absorbed. This is yet another reason why Nutrition has become that much more complicated.

So basically next time you hear bone chips…think malnutrition or malabsorption and fix the cause – because bigger things are a brewing in that horse that will show up later on.

Hair Test AnalysisI regularly test my patients for nutrition levels with a hair test which provides me with the necessary information to provide the patients body the required nutrition to repair itself.

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