Important Vaccine Information

Important Vaccine Information: By Dr. M. Dym DVM
“I will not rest until I get the word out to animal guardians and my well meaning, and yet sadly ignorant veterinary colleagues on what constitutes a chronic immune reaction to vaccinations. Sadly, young veterinarians and those in training FAIL to get any understanding on the gross under-reporting of how prevalent CHRONIC immune reactions are possible to over-vaccination. Folks, there are at least four, WELL KNOWN AND ACCEPTED potential hypersensitivity immune responses to allergens, which include injectable vaccinations. Not just the immediate Type 1 hypersensitivity bee sting type reaction that occurs within minutes of exposure, but Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 immune reactions that can occur days, weeks, months or even YEARS later, which, has been documented to occur after vaccination. Ron Schultz, phd, the leading traditional veterinary immune expert in this country has told me how pathetic and sad the immunological training of young veterinarians is on this issue. And to those who think that giving an injection of fast acting cortisone or benadryl to a pet getting a shot, will protect against these potential long term effects on the immune system, they are tragically mistaken. Recently saw a tragic case of a 5 year old dapple, colored BLUE eyed dachshund, who had experienced an acute type 1 hypersensitivity reaction to a vaccination 3 years earlier, which was managed successfully by their traditional veterinarian. The pet was seemingly healthy for the next 3 years, until it was time for its booster rabies vaccination. In erroneously thinking that a short acting cortisone or benadryl shot would prevent a reaction, this dog was given its rabies vaccination anyway, and within a few weeks was developing progressive spinal inflammation and progressive degenerative disc disease(which is probably immune-mediated) sadly resulting in the need for eventual euthanasia. Its time for everyone in this profession to become familiar with these issues, including the potential LONG term immune side effects of vaccinations in susceptible individuals, which have been discussed and well documented by well respected traditional veterinary professionals Jean Dodds and Ron Schultz. Blind ignorance can no longer be tolerated, as it is costing innocent animal companions their health. Please see the work of the rabies challenge fund, which will hopefully extend the rabies laws well beyond 3 years, as well as those states which allow medical exemptions to rabies vaccination in those individuals who are immune compromised and/or have history of ANY type of reactions in the past. There is also an excellent article on this website on the CHRONIC immune issues that are possible following rabies vaccination, and which is the impetus for the work of that organization ” Dr. M. Dym DVM

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