Age of Pets

Heartbreaking conversation with a gentleman in front of a pet store about the age of pets now…he was bringing in his Doberman puppy to buy a toy. We chatted a bit as I love and used to have a Dobe…he went on to tell me this was his 7th DOBERMAN AND THAT THEY ALL DIED BEFORE THE AGE OF 10 YEARS OLD!  ALL HAD HEART DISEASE (cardiomyopathy) except for the last one which had cardiomyopathy AND cancer! He was devastated and bought another puppy to help with missing his dog.

We conversed on how dogs are NOT living as long as they used to (gentleman was past 45 years old) and that he never recalled them dying so young. Well either can I. I have always been a nerdy animal lover…if you ask my family members I’d have books and charts of every dog and horse breed and I’d learned how to do basic care for any creature I had. I would even write down things like life expectancy and really paid attention to the age, health and care of animals even as young as 8 years old…so I not only vaguely recall…I REMEMBER VIVIDLY dogs living till at least 15-18 years of age…even the bigger dogs like Dobe’s and Shepherds even some giant breeds pushed to 14 easily…never mind the smaller breeds living WELL INTO THEIR 20’s! The longest living dogs were in their 30 ‘s! The capability is there…why are they living less longer lives? Because they get sick at a VERY young age. And they look old because they are sick…not sick because they are old.
This is so very important – I want to impart this on everyone. Your cat should be able to live into their late 30’s, your dog into their LATE teens or early 20’s and your horse into their late 30’s early 40’s!!!! If they don’t – they are sick – this means we are doing something wrong.

The food is wrong, the health care system is wrong…the amount of stress and damage put on their little bodies is too much!

If you google life-expectancy of dogs it seems to DROP every time I search…so they are trying to erase the actual numbers so people think when their dog starts to get old around age 6-7 (considered seniour now!) you don’t think anything is wrong when they have to be put down at 9 years old or less. You dutifully bring your dog or cat to the Vet over and over again…do the same steps of feeding the Vet prescribed diets, vaccines and heartworm/deworming meds and your pet gets sick and unfortunately ends up passing away WAY too soon before their time.

Do not rely on your Vet to tell you how long your pet should live…they see so much sickness and early death that they have come to believe it is SHORT…so the numbers they will give you will be too LOW!

We should all be OUTRAGED – as a pet lover we love our animals like our children. So if know 1 in 2 will get Cancer and 90% of our pets will get a chronic degenerative disease in mid life that will ultimately shorten their time with us…we should want and demand better. Our pets deserve so much more than to suffer with the same crap we do. Our health has been pitiful as a species. We are overweight and take medication like candy…human beings have now passed on that lovely gift of illness and shortened life expectancy to some of the things we care about the most.

We need to get angry…because when we get angry we do something about it because we are emotional about the cause.

Best way to combat this is to do the OPPOSITE of what everyone else is doing as a majority…feed people food balanced properly for your pet, DO NOT OVER-VACCINATE (Rabies is the only one required by law), DO NOT USE FLEA OR HEARTWORM PREVENTIVES, WAIT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE TO FIX YOUR DOG, GET A HOLISTIC VET TO HELP YOU DEAL WITH HEALTH PROBLEMS AS THEY ARISE…suppressing with medications only drives disease deeper…and it never resolves.

I would like for others to share what the oldest living cat, dog or horse they know of? We need to keep the true information about this alive and well…so we can recognize that what is happening now is wrong and has to change! Our pets deserve our attention to this…

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