Signs and symptoms of illness

Signs and symptoms of illness that are common but NOT normal…

  1. Fat pockets/cellulite/lipomas
  2. Itchy skin, skin issues
  3. Poor healing ability – takes long time or not at all
  4. Bloated/Gassy
  5. Vomiting (even once a month for cats and dogs is NOT normal)
  6. Weepy eyes with discharge
  7. Stiffness/on and off lameness
  8. Poor coat
  9. Poor teeth
  10. Poor hooves on horses (cracked, stress rings/ridges, sensitive on rocks)
  11. Odd coughing that comes and goes or sneezing
  12. Nasal discharge
  13. Bad breath (from teeth or digestive)
  14. Constipation or Diarrhea that isn’t bad but comes and goes
  15. Sensitive (to diet, medications, vaccines)
  16. Parasites (fleas, ticks, lice and worms seem to love your pet)
  17. Real picky eater
  18. Behavioral issues (anxiety, grumpy, sad, aggressive)
  19. Allergic reaction to ANYTHING however mild


All these above symptoms can be easily missed or dismissed as nothing. But to a Homeopathic or holistic doctor these tell a different story. Beginning of disease often starts with small annoying type symptoms that come and go. The coming and going part can be confusing because it appears they are dealing with it themselves or the ‘thing’ you gave for it seems to be working ie. topical cream, pain killer or change of diet etc. The problem is that if these symptoms are not addressed properly usually they do progress in time to something worse. It is always good to keep a very careful account of your pet’s symptoms…give them a very thorough look over once EVERY day or at least once a week.
You want to watch for any changes – and watch them carefully. If your pet is not on a whole food specie appropriate diet (organic preferred, non-GMO at least) this may be the time to change them over. If that still doesn’t do it get the help of a qualified Homeopathic Vet to help you out. The great thing about nipping small problems in the bud is that they never have a chance to grow into something bigger and more dangerous.


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