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Homeopathy & Health Clinic is providing a Natural Horse Rehabilitation clinic with specialized care for those dedicated to a more “natural” approach for their horses, in terms of wellness.


Current Update: We are FULL for this winter session… If you are interested in joining our waiting list for the Spring session, please contact us. And, always make sure your horse is in prime health at all times by looking at our
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Homeopathy and Health Clinic Horse Rehab Facility

Our goal is to provide a Homeopathic Clinic for horses with a spa feel to nurture and rehabilitate your loved ones. At the Homeopathy & Health Clinic, horses receive Natural Medicines and Care (under Veterinary Supervision) with a dedicated stall (if needed) and their own paddock with a Run-in shelter. Your horse is fed only superior quality, mostly organic whole unprocessed foods that are low in sugar and customized for their nutritionally balanced needs. We provide a place for your horse to receive a Homeopathic Rehabilitation based on their own Individualized Advanced Hair Test

Our approach at the Homeopathy & Health Clinic is to do what is best for the horse even if that means it is not necessarily convenient for us as owners.

The horses are groomed and have their feet picked daily. Chiropractors, Barefoot trimmers, Specialized Farriers, Massage Therapists, and Veterinary Dentists are available for the individual health needs of each horse, in our care, as needed.

Fresh clean mineral rich (non-chlorinated) water is refreshed daily. Fresh grass hay is given “free choice” to support the need of a healthy digestive system. Manure is removed twice daily to maintain superior cleanliness in the paddocks and stalls. Picking up manure minimizes the horse’s exposure to parasites and allows clean areas to graze and lie down.

Each horse can be treated with Homeopathic and Herbal medicines based on the Initial Consultation, and a Specialized Nutritional Protocol is determined and put into place, which includes our Re-Balancing Mix.

We at the Natural Horse Rehabilitation Centre specialize in helping horses that are non-responsive to traditional treatments for conditions such as Laminitis, Heaves/COPD, Allergies, Chronic Lameness, Metabolic Disorders, Cushings and Insulin Resistance, just to name a few.

Our guests stay at our Clinic on average 6 months, with a minimum stay of 3 months to give the horse time to detox, re-balance and heal.

We realize it is very difficult for both owner and barn managers at typical boarding facilities to give the necessary time with the critical expertise, to deal with a chronically ill animal. At our Clinic there is no more worrying, here your horse receives the necessary time and expertise needed to heal.

At the Homeopathy & Health Clinic your horse can receive the necessary medication (under Veterinarian Supervision), care and proper nutrition on a customized program.

You will have the peace of mind knowing that your horses’ health and comfort comes first and foremost.

The location of our clinic is in beautiful Markdale, Ontario. We found a location to better serve our clients and their animals!
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Until recently we have only offered our services to our local community. However, with the amount of interest we have been receiving globally, we are now accepting applications from Across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Please Contact Us if you or someone you know is interested, so that we may send more detailed information about our Natural Horse Rehabilitation Program.

Purchase a spot for your horse in our next available season!

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