Hair Testing Horses

Our bodies store trace elements of minerals and toxins in our teeth, hair and nails. Only hair testing horses can provide us the information needed on stored minerals.

Both mineral and toxin Levels are very individual to every horse, depending on where or what they have been doing, eating and the elements surrounding them. To understand why our horses are where they are now, we need to understand how they got there. Advanced Hair Testing gives us that road map.

What’s the difference between doing urine, saliva, blood and hair testing horses?

When testing the urine or saliva for example we are testing for what is absorbed but then excreted. When we test blood we see what has been absorbed at the time BEFORE excretion or absorption. This is because the blood tries to maintain homeostasis as much as possible so if Arsenic is in the bloodstream for example, the body will try to clean the blood as quickly as possible and push it through to the excretory organs to be detoxified out.

So unless you are doing the blood work during the crisis – or while the toxin is still circulating you will not find it in the blood!

The hair, nails and teeth are where trace minerals are stored and are therefore a good place to check for STORED elements – both nutritional and toxic.

Hair Testing Horses Can:

  • Show presence of toxic metals
  • Define nutritional deficiencies & excesses
  • Identify if Inflammation is present in the body
  • Show metabolic imbalances
  • Blood sugar control
  • Thyroid Gland function
  • Adrenal Gland function
  • Aluminum Tolerance
  • Catabolism (destruction) or Anabolism (growth and repair) state of the body


Common Causes of Mineral Imbalance in Horses

Improper Feeding, too much intake of sugars (could be from stressed hay/grass, grains etc.), even by taking Vitamins and Minerals not compatible with the body chemistry.

Accumulation of toxic metals from the environment; exposure can occur from airborne exposure from pesticides or herbicides, well-water contamination, medications, etc.

Allergic Reactions show themselves in numerous ways. Hives and respiratory issues are the most common, a direct result of inflammatory stress that has not been controlled.


Individualized Protocols with balanced Nutritional feed, based on hair tests can:

Re-balance the metabolism, reduce the toxic burden and stabilize excessive inflammation.


What you’ll need to get a hair sample:

To gather a hair sample – you’ll need 1 tablespoon of hair from the mane at the poll (normally where the bridle path would go). Cut with stainless steel scissors as close to the skin as you can. Cut approximately one inch across and leave the whole piece as the Practitioner will cut it to size to send to the Lab.

Please Contact us for instructions on where to send the sample.

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