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Vaccine Reaction


Vaccine Reaction Testimonial MissileMissile had a horrible Vaccine Reaction and here is what happened.  In August I decided to vaccinate my border collie for rabies.  This was a hard decision for me.  I don’t believe in vaccinations and only did so because I felt it would protect her if she ever was reported for a bite. She was very fearful of strangers.  10 days after the vaccine I was playing ball like usual and she started to stagger, drag her hind end and act like she was drunk.  I thought it was heat stroke as it was quite warm.  I cooled her and got some electrolytes into her and she was fine.  I thought nothing of it.  A couple weeks later it happened again while playing with the Chuck it.  This time it was very cool out and she collapsed.  Typical symptoms of border collie collapse.  I knew it was a vaccine reaction, I called Ivana that day.  The next day we sent off a hair sample and did a homeopathic consult.  When the results of the hair test came back her aluminum levels were off the chart.  Missile was very itchy, loosing hair, reverse sneezing.  Ivana put her on specific homeopathic and herbal remedies to heal from the vaccine and heavy metals.  Missile is doing great.  She has not had another episode, is trialing in agility, is able to play Chuck it again, her itchiness is gone, and her reverse sneezing is much better.  Amazingly her behaviour is changing, she is more lovable, okay with strangers talking to her, and her obsessive snow eating has stopped.  So thrilled.  Thanks Ivana!

Sandie Gascon and Missile


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