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Suffering from:
Respiratory Allergies / COPD / Laminitis

Cody is an 11 year old Quarter Horse gelding who has had respiratory issues since around October 2008. By March 2010 his breathing had become very laboured and his respiration rate would hit as high as 44. He was lethargic and just moped around.

We tried several types of steroid treatment but he wasn’t responding to any of them, and twice he went cyanotic. He tried to founder so we kept him off grass and fed him soaked hay. By mid-May I called Ivana as a last resort with nothing else to lose, and I feel that the holistic approach to his health has been an important part of his improvement to date.

She quickly recognized challenges in his environment: despite living outdoors he was still exposed to ammonia from the bedding pack and mould from the shed. Taking him completely off last year’s bad hay and putting him on pasture (removing the source of his allergens) was the turnaround point for Cody: soaking his hay was reducing the airborne allergens but he was still eating them! Our new hay is excellent quality and it is now nearly four months since we started on Ivana’s kelp/sea salt/flax/timothy hay cube diet base with added minerals. His new diet is contributing to his improving health and has also resulted in a noticeable improvement in his hoof walls which have always shown surface cracks but are now growing in solid. His bright red coat just shines. He is now back to being ridden lightly and we hope, with good hay and balanced minerals, his lungs will heal.

Karen Dallimore
Sweet Grass Farm

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Suffering from:
Respiratory Allergies / COPD

I was at the end of my resources with my 11 year old gelding, when I fortunately found someone who gave me some positive encouragement. My poor gelding coughed constantly when I first introduced him to Ivana. His breathing was so laboured and his tolerance for exercise was very difficult for him. Eating his grain and hay, drinking his water even grazing on the grass all normal horse functions to live, they were a struggle for him.

The hair sample was done as quickly as possible, once Ivana met Sachmo. The results were things that surprised and shocked me, but it made so much sense. Quickly a nutritional/homeopathic programme was put into place, to address the underlying issue causing him to struggle for breath.

Within a week of changing his feed and introducing some homeopathic remedies the coughing was virtually gone. Then, when we introduced more of the homeopathic remedies into the new feed programme, the results were amazing!

Before Ivana started to work with Sachmo, he was very lethargic spending most of his time sleeping in the lean, while the other horses would be in the field grazing, grooming and playing. After only several weeks of a new nutritional/homeopathic programme, Sachmo is enjoying his life again. Now he enjoys our exercise sessions, and is happy again on the trails. He has a sparkle in his eyes and is feeling great! Sachmo is doing his “Happy Dance” again, something he is known for, that I have missed for the past couple of years.

Thank you Ivana, I think you are Sachmo’s Guardian Angel…

Trish Timmins
Heavenly Gaits Farm

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Suffering from:

In March 2010, Belle was seven months pregnant and starting to show it. The ground was frozen with snow and ice… no signs yet of spring growth. She was walking very carefully and I assumed it was because of her unaccustomed girth and the precarious footing, but I was puzzled and worried. Two weeks later I called in our veterinarian and the diagnosis was laminitis in her front hooves. The prescribed treatment was bute for pain and inflammation, stall rest and soaked hay. The soaking of the hay was to remove the sugars.

I was upset, of course – we all hope never to have our horses develop laminitis, but I was also feeling very guilty because I had not recognised what Belle was suffering from. She is a Newfoundland Pony, very hardy and stoic, and she did not show the classical signs that we are taught to look for – that typical stance with the forelegs stretched forward to relieve the pressure on the foot. Once she was diagnosed, I could recognise a very subtle version of that stance, but it was difficult to see.

The next morning my farrier came out to trim her hooves. I did not want to keep Belle on bute for very long because of the risk of developing stomach ulcers, so I placed a call to Ivana. While I don’t remember in detail all the homeopathic remedies we used, and which order, we started following Ivana’s advice immediately. It was hard seeing Belle unwilling to move but Ivana persuaded me to “hang tough” if Belle and I could.One day there was a period of at least twelve hours where Belle did not move an inch! I put her water and soaked hay right in front of her and checked frequently, and when I finally went to bed it was with dread that she might be down in the morning and unable to rise. To my enormous relief, when I went to the barn she had begun to be more mobile. From that moment on, there was improvement every day.

I was concerned about nutrition as Belle was now in her last trimester of pregnancy and she was going to be on soaked hay for quite a while yet – the concern was for her health as well as that of the developing foal. Ivana prescribed a mix of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to give her body what it needed.Now that Belle was moving more freely, I wanted to let her out of the stall, but there was spring growth in the paddock, so I erected a temporary small bare paddock into which her stall door opened so she could come and go as she felt able. The first time I let her out and she RAN, I was ecstatic.

Belle adapted to her new regime and after a couple of months I was able to stop soaking the hay. In July, she gave birth to a perfectly healthy filly, Shaylee, and a couple of weeks after that I would let them both have some time each day in the bigger paddock. Finally they were able to join the herd again, where Belle reigns as the lead mare that she truly is.

It was a difficult few months for us and I cannot thank Ivana enough for helping us through the laminitis and for providing the right mix of supplements so that Shaylee was born completely sound and healthy. My whole herd is now on an appropriate mix of supplements, as are my dogs and I!

Heather Webber
Sonsie Meadows

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Suffering from:
Respiratory Allergies / COPD

I was given a horse named Cash who was previously diagnosed with COPD, suffered from allergies, (a low immunity system in general) but she also had an old eye injury which blocked her tear ducks. This caused her tears to drip down her face often. Over the first year I was able to eliminate the COPD (also known as heaves) by allowing her to live outdoor 24/7 which is what we do at our place. The allergy was to the bugs in the early spring and summer so as long as I could keep them away she didn’t have the itchy reaction but I knew I was likely only managing the situations not curing them. I consulted two veterinarians who both explained that only surgery was the solution to the unblocking of her tear duck condition. Since it wasn’t life threatening I didn’t want to put Cash (who was 17yrs at the time) through such a procedure which I felt would just weaken her immunity system further rather than helping her get stronger, and then I met Ivana.

We completed a hair analysis which gave Ivana the pieces she needed to create the constitutional remedy specifically for Cash. Within one week Cash’s eye’s stopped dripping! I was amazed at the result especially after hearing what two vets had suggested as the alternative. Along with adding more vitamins and minerals Cash’s immunity system is improving constantly.

Ivana has remarkable expertise helping animals and I highly recommend the opportunity to take one of her clinics. She has the ability to explain homeopathy in a way that everyone can easily understand and learn how to use. I am grateful for all that she has given me…….the gift of knowledge.

Elaine Polny

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