Poisoned Cat


Suffering From:
Ingestion Of Rat Poison

The fight for life of my poisoned cat skittles… My 3 year old kitty Skittles is a very active mischievous kitty that is always playing and would eat non-stop. One day he was curled up beside the heater and hadn’t eaten all day… I thought he had an upset tummy and lost preference to the food we were feeding him.

We changed his food immediately, however he would eat a little then would leave it again, uneaten. He would just sleep or slowly walk from one laying spot to another, no playing or running. He then started to drink more water than usual and his coat started to look unkempt.

Not sure what to do we took him to the Vet for blood work and guidance as to what was going on with my little kitty. The vet did an examination and took blood work, then broke the news to us. Skittles was a poisoned cat, he had eaten a poisoned mouse and had about 4 hours to live! Skittles blood was almost water and he had internal bleeding without the ability for the blood to clot.

Devastated and unwilling to let him suffer I thought about going ahead with the suggestion the vet gave, to put him to sleep immediately. This decision tore me apart, but I just couldn’t let my loved kitty die on a steel counter in a vet clinic, I wanted a second opinion.

After getting him home, I decided to ask for Ivana’s help becauseSkittles had very little strength but had fight in his eyes. Ivana, was now on the case and she wasn’t going to give up on this little kitty that wanted to live.

Without much time left for Skittles to live she gave him some Homeopathic Remedies to start clotting his blood, and to get his immune system actively fighting the poison that was killing him.

Within hours he started to improve! Within a week he was eating and started to groom again. It’s now been two weeks since he was given 4 hours to live by the Vet and he is back to his rambunctious mischievous self. I only have Ivana and her incredible expertise to thank. When the Vet had given up with the only option of putting him to sleep, Ivana saved my little poisoned cat Skittles…

Thank you with all my heart!

Richard Nelson

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