Birthing Testimonials


Suffering from:
Birthing Complications

I never used to be a fan of homeopathic medicine, but when my donkey “Annabell” was way over due in her pregnancy, I thought it couldn’t hurt to have Ivana give her a massage. Ivana also gave her a remedy to help ease the birthing process. That night, I became worried when Annabell wasn’t acting quite right, so we monitored her until the next day when I called the vet, just to make sure she wasn’t colicking or something worse! The vet couldn’t give me a definitive answer, so I thought I would wait it out. 2 hours later, we had a new baby and I credit Ivana and her homeopathic guidance for the birth! Only hours after getting a treatment Annabelle went into early labour!

My most precious dog “P Nut” also had a soft tissue injury to his leg, which caused him extreme pain! Ivana helped him through his discomfort and guided me on treatment. He’s recovering very well! I believe in the treatments and would try them again!

Sarah Fearman

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