Here are a few stories and experiences that have been submitted by clients as testimonials to Ivana’s care.  Since the first pet given healthcare back in 1999 there has been many emails and letters of appreciation, so we thought we would start to share some of them with our visitors as they come in.

Also, if Ivana has worked with you in the past and you would like to share your story, we invite you to do so in the form bellow. We will be giving out free gifts from time to time to the most touching experiences submitted. Everyone loves to hear how a once sick loved one, is now healthy and vibrant, enjoying a healthy life to the fullest!

Also, PLEASE feel free to include updates on how your loved one is doing… we want to hear your happy updates!

Testimonials Received



Suffering From:

A few months ago our older cat, Simon (a Maine Coon cat) about 11 years old developed a pronounced limp in his left rear leg, which was tender to our touch. He is such a kind loving pet… Click here to read more about Simon



Suffering From:
Ingestion Of Rat Poison

The fight for life of my poisoned cat skittles… My 3 year old kitty Skittles is a very active mischievous kitty that is always playing and would eat non-stop. One day he was curled up beside the heater and hadn’t eaten all day… I thought he had an upset tummy and lost preference to the food we were feeding him.

We changed his food immediately, however…

Click here to read more about Skittles



Suffering from:
Birthing Complications

I never used to be a fan of homeopathic medicine, but when my donkey “Annabell” was way over due in her pregnancy, I thought it couldn’t hurt to have Ivana give her a massage. Ivana also gave her a remedy to help ease the birthing process. That night, I became worried when Annabell wasn’t acting quite right… Click here to read more about Annabell



Suffering from:
Respiratory Allergies / COPD / Laminitis

Cody is an 11 year old Quarter Horse gelding who has had respiratory issues since around October 2008. By March 2010 his breathing had become very laboured and his respiration rate would hit as high as 44. He was lethargic… Click here to read more about Cody



Suffering from:
Respiratory Allergies / COPD

I was at the end of my resources with my 11 year old gelding, when I fortunately found someone who gave me some positive encouragement. My poor gelding coughed constantly when I first introduced him to Ivana. His breathing was so laboured and his tolerance for exercise was very difficult… Click here to read more about Sachmo



Suffering from:

In March 2010, Belle was seven months pregnant and starting to show it. The ground was frozen with snow and ice… no signs yet of spring growth. She was walking very carefully and I assumed it was because of her unaccustomed girth and the precarious footing, but I was puzzled and worried… Click here to read more about Belle



Suffering from:
Keratitis of the Eye

Jynx had the problem with his eye for about 3 years. I took him to the vet when it first appeared. I was given an ointment for the eye, and applied it religiously. After the tube was done, the eye was no better and eventually got worse… Click here to read more about Jynx



Suffering from:
Uveitis / Cataracts

My little tortie, Faerie, is the sweetest, kindest soul and so very precious to me. So when she came down with a “cold” last year I rushed her to the vet where they gave her antibiotic and steroid shots, as well as eye drops from a compounding pharmacy. Not only were these measures ineffective but in fact they made her condition worse … Click here to read more about Faerie


Suffering from:
Respiratory Allergies / COPD

I was given a horse named Cash who was previously diagnosed with COPD, suffered from allergies, (a low immunity system in general) but she also had an old eye injury which blocked her tear ducks. This caused her tears to drip down her face often. Over the first year I was able to eliminate the COPD (also known as heaves) by allowing her to live outdoor 24/7 which is what we do at our place. The allergy was to the bugs in the early spring and summer so as long as I could keep them away she didn’t have the itchy reaction but I knew I was likely only managing the situations not curing them…. Click here to read more about Cash


Suffering from:
Vaccine Reaction

In August I decided to vaccinate my border collie for rabies. This was a hard decision for me. I don’t believe in vaccinations and only did so because I felt it would protect her if she ever was reported for a bite. She was very fearful of strangers. 10 days after the vaccine I was playing ball like usual and she started to stagger, drag her hind end and act like she was drunk…. Click here to read more about Missile


Your Turn to Shine

Here is your chance to make our readers laugh, joyfully cry, smile or all the above as you write a Testimonial or tell your story!

Ivana, has worked with many people to restore the health and happiness of their loved animals, please tell us what happened with you, and how that loved one is doing now!

Everyone loves animal stories…
share yours?

If Ivana has worked with you and your loved pet in the past, and you would like to share your pets story or update, please do!

Everyone loves an animal story about how our loved ones have fought back through sickness and tough times to be happy, healthy and loved!

Please share your stories with our visitors…



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