Toxicity in Pets

Can there be toxicity in pets, with what is happening around the world today with radiation and environmental pollution?

Unfortunately, yes!

We really need to be reminded or learn that our pets may show signs of toxicity MUCH sooner and with more intensity than even us depending on their body weight, size and lifestyle.

One doesn’t have to look far to see toxicity causes. You only have to listen to the news and hear some of the things we are facing on a daily basis. Whether it is Canada’s 30 year use of Agent Orange a chemical herbicide or Japan’s Nuclear Powerplant problems this is only a small fraction of what actually gets reported.

If we ever wonder why our animals are dying young, chronically ill or just don’t look very well we really shouldn’t! Aside from some of the things that make it to the evening news – there are many that go on silently and perhaps it is these that we should worry about more.

If you are wondering if your companion animal is ‘toxic’ please fill out the “Is your pet toxic” survey and if your pet ranks high there are things you can do to help. Sometimes we just can’t go on ignoring the proverbial elephant in the room, and that is pollution. We hear so much about Global Warming and being Green that we become immune to some of the language and it bears little impact on us. But there are other things in our environment such as the effects of thousands of synthetic chemicals being released into our air, water and land. Heavy metals are found in our soils, grains, livestock and then us and our animals.

Poor nutrition combined with environmental pollutants and we have a perfect recipe toxicity in pets. Sometimes it is easier to think that the pet is getting old or the problem must be genetic but I beg to differ. Many of the health problems today for people and animals alike are directly caused by poor food and toxic overload. We can’t put our pets or our families in a bubble but we can do much to help provide them with the things they need to maintain health, detoxify on their own and live to a ripe old happy age without pain or suffering. I believe it is the right of every animal and it is our duty to help as best we can. And it starts with educating ourselves and digging a little deeper sometimes to get the answers.


Does your cat, dog or horse carry a toxic burden? This could be heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, preservatives and chemicals. Some of these can affect your pets health right away, however most of the time it is what they do as they accumulate and get stored in the body. Toxicity in our pets can cause health problems such as allergies, metabolic disorders, mutations, hormone related disasters, decreased fertility and cancers others can appear as innocuous as a stubborn skin condition. Toxic overload can mimic other chronic diseases so we have to be vigilant about finding the true causes.

Please fill out the survey and tally up your answers to see if your pet may be toxic!

INSTRUCTIONS - Please answer yes or no to the questions below. Then tally up the value of the answers, then see your score below.

  1. I feed or have fed for more than a year a commercial based kibble or pelleted food (dry or moist)
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  2. I feed or have fed for more than a year a Veterinarian prescribed food to my companion animal.
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  3. I feed a home-made diet (cooked people food)
    • a. YES - 0
      b. NO - 1

  4. I feed whole food in its raw (un-cooked/un-processed) form
    • a. YES - 0
      b. NO - 1

  5. My pet drinks fluoridated and chlorinated tap water
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  6. For flea, lice or worm control I have or currently use flea sprays, dips, collars, powders, monthly flea control pills or drops (Advantage), heartworm preventatives and chemical dewormers.
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  7. I vaccinate annually or more
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  8. I vaccinate sparingly (every few years)
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  9. I do not vaccinate due my pets poor health, reaction to vaccines or other reasons
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  10. I have used or my neighbours have used pesticides, insecticides or herbicides
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  11. I have put down new carpet or treated my wood floors recently…
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  12. I have furniture, animal blankets sprayed with water-proofing chemicals (Scotchguard) or fire retardants…
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  13. My pets’ food and water bowls are made from Aluminum, plastic or ceramic.
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  14. I give commercial treats such as milk bones, cat treats, horse cookies on a regular basis (at least weekly).
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  15. My pet’s skin and coat is seems to always be a problem at least once a year looking a bit dull and unhealthy.
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  16. My pet has some hair loss and terribly itchy skin
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  17. My companion animal suffers with allergies
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

  18. Please add one point to any that apply to your companion animal
    • a. Poor coat - 1
      b. Dental tartar and other tooth problems - 1
      c. Bad breath - 1
      d. Sore joints - 1
      e. Stiffness - 1
      f. Behavioural problems - 1
      g. Weepy eyes - 1
      h. Sneezing and/or coughing - 1
      i. Any discharges especially chronic - 1
      j. Depressed and lethargic - 1
      k. Poor healing - 1
      l. Weight problems - 1
      m. Chronic illness - 1
      n. Premature ageing - 1

  19. Has your pet’s coat changed in colour such as red tips, sun damaged, grey or whitening prematurely. Have the nails (or hooves for horses) split and grown inappropriately.
    • a. YES - 1
      b. NO - 0

Adding up Your Score and Results

If you’ve scored 0-5 then your pet is quite healthy and has been relatively exposure free. This could mean your pet is quite young as well and it is important to take a proactive approach to protecting your animal from future potential toxins.

If you’ve scored 6-14 then you may have found despite your best intentions your companion animal is still suffering with ill health and just not thriving like he should. Your pet has absorbed many chemicals and toxins over the years which are very difficult to avoid. A full body detoxification and nutrition help is recommended.

If you’ve scored 15+ then your pet has been exposed to many toxins that either have or still are causing various chronic illnesses and failure to heal. Sadly, many of us are either unaware of the dangers or feel helpless in being able to provide clean food, water and side-effect free health care because there is so much information out there that is either unavailable or may come from questionable sources. A score of 15+ being a high score means your pet is having a difficult time getting his nutritional needs met and detoxifying the toxins on his own. A full body detoxification is strongly recommended.

For further information on what you can do to help your pets and how to start a detoxification please contact us right away!

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