Welcome to our Partners-Resources page. Over the years I have met many incredible people and companies that truly care for the well being of animals. I wanted to start introducing these wonderful people to you. Here is a list of both companies and people that share our passion for animals and their good health. Check back regularly as we will be actively adding more resources for you. We also have a form at the bottom for you to fill out if you know someone that would be a good fit with us...

Want to become one of our Partners? Do you have a website that offers a product, service or incredible and relevent information that our readers would truly appreciate?

We would like to connect with other like minded individuals to help everyone in their pursuit of Natural Health options.

We would appreciate a reciprocal link to our site hoping to offer your clients information that will help them too.

Not sure where to link or what to say? Let your readers start with our Home Page and you can offer the following information with the link: is a website dedicated to animal owners that want to learn more about caring for their pet using homeopathy, nutrition and detoxification.

Our Partners

Are you looking for Natural Horse Training? Please visit an expert and someone we at Homeopathy for Animals trust and recommend one of our partners-resources...

Training Horses Naturally Training Horses Naturally is a research and development facility specializing in Positive Reinforcement Training, Horse Psychology and Natural Horse Keeping devoted to applying natural methods to care and communicate with horses. We offer you the horse's perspective, a unique and enlightening experience that promotes self awareness while gaining unparalleled positive communication and training skills with horses.

Are you looking for All Natural Care for your horse? Please visit our friends at All Natural Horse Care . This website aims to provide information about all aspects of natural horse care in one convenient location. They cover: Health of horses, Natural Lifestyles, Natural Hoof care and Horsemanship.

We love our pets dearly and want to make sure if anything happens to us as their owners, they are taken care of and do not end up in a shelter or euthanized! Please visit our friends at Forever Pet Care . They guarantee that your loved pets will be cared for and loved for the rest of their lives. They even visit your pets regularly in their new home to ensure they receive only the best of care.

Are you interested in a progressive and natural horsemanship? Our friends at Barn Boots are dedicated to equine wellness from a balanced, holistic approach and take into account that domesticated horses require an integrated and sensible approach to “natural” care. You can find Barefoot Trimming, Natural Horsemanship, Training, Saddle fitting, Horse Chiropractic and Massage as well many other services.

Are you or do you know of someone that you believe has the same outlook on animals and their health as we do? Then please let us know so that we can build a relationship with "Natural" minded people.

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