Natural Horse Guide E-Book

Many people have asked for a natural horse guide to help them understand how to naturally care for their horse... so we put that guide together as an E-Book, and would like to offer it to you!

"Your Guide to a Healthy Horse" includes:

  • What a majority of us do that contribute unknowingly to an unhealthy horse
  • What we need to provide for our horse in order for a long healthy life
  • Plus so much more!

Here is an excerpt from the guide:

    You purchase a horse and you want to give it the best start possible. So you go to your local feed store and buy some pelleted or sweet feed promising to be balanced and complete. You may even take it a step further and read the labels to try and pick a brand that seems to be most nutritionally balanced for the age and work load of your horse.

    High in vitamins and minerals and veterinarian recommended. Looks good and you feel good about your purchase. You may also add a mineral/salt block and a few horse treats. You get some plastic feed tubs and water buckets and you’re all set. Next is the appointment with the vet to get his vaccines done and to see if he needs any other additional medication/check-ups. All looks good so he gets a series of vaccinations and all seems well.

So what was wrong, isn't that what we all do with a new horse? How did we just doom our loved one to an early death?

Find the answer in the Natural Horse Guide E-Book, and learn how to incorporate natural care from the start!

Do you have a dog or cat? Would you prefer an E-Book showing you the same information for your Dog or Cat? We have those available too. Natural Dog Guide , or Natural Cat Guide


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