Natural Cat Guide

People have asked for a natural cat guide to help them understand how to naturally care for their cats… so we put that guide together as an E-Book, and would like to offer it to you!

“Your Guide to a Healthy Cat” includes:

  • What a majority of us do that contribute unknowingly to an unhealthy cat
  • What we need to provide for our cat in order for a long healthy life
  • Which is the best diet for our pet
  • Plus so much more!

Here is an excerpt from the E-Book:

You purchase a kitten or cat and you want to give it the best start possible. So you go to your local pet store and buy some dry kibble and maybe even canned moist food. You may even take it a step further and read the labels to try and pick a brand that seems to be most nutritionally balanced. High in vitamins and minerals and veterinarian recommended. Looks good and you feel great about your purchases. You may also add a synthetic play toy, a plastic ball and a few treats. You get some plastic bowls and you’re all set. Next is the appointment with the vet to get his vaccines done and to see if he needs any other additional medication and check-up. All looks good so he gets a series of vaccinations and you take your cat home.

So what was wrong, isn’t that what we all do with a new pet? How did we just doom our loved one to an early death?

Find the answer in the Natural Cat Guide E-Book, and learn how to incorporate natural care from the start!



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