Manganese Deficiency and Cancer

MANGANESE DEFICIENCY AND CANCER…FINNISH CANCER STUDY shows link to not enough Manganese – from the HAIR TESTS I conduct I see this shows to be true and not just for Manganese but other minerals that are low as well. Manganese is often very low or bio-unavailable in the animals I have tested. If we know that 1 in 2 cats and dogs will get Cancer due to Nutritional imbalances and toxic overload why not test every pet’s hair to see if the possible precursors to cancer are there? Isn’t it better to know a few years ahead that your pet may be in trouble and needs critical nutrients or a detox?

A hair test shows if your pet is low in vital minerals that need to keep him or her alive and well…sufficient vitamins and minerals and enzymes etc. are needed just for survival but in order for your pet to be able to detoxify properly on its own and to protect themselves against cancer – more are usually needed…and in the era of pesticides, poor soils and convenience foods (kibble/canned) our animals need all the help they can get.
Simply feeding from a bag and taking your dog or cat to the Vet annually for their shots/deworming/heartworm preventives is a recipe for ill health and cancer I’m afraid…with this route I see more than 80-90% of animals get sick and die prematurely WELL BEFORE THEIR TIME. To me this is very sad and unacceptable. The answers are there and staring us in the face…we MUST provide our pets with real food and extra nutrition when needed (yes this applies to raw feeders are well – those chickens, cows, goats etc. you are feeding probably didn’t get prime food either so they can’t give it to your pet). Don’t guess – test your pet’s hair and have their food properly balanced. If they have any health issues please don’t suppress them with medications (this isn’t fixing only suppressing) – get a holistic vet to help you get to the root of the problem.

“An increase in the incidence of cancer seems to exist concomitantly with a decrease in the amount of easily soluble manganese in Finnish arable mineral soils. According to various research workers, manganese is one of the most important factors in the normal reactions of cells, as an activator or catalyst. Faulty reactions in the cells are possible when the internal balances are upset. Deficiencies of many elements have been found in plant foods in Finland. These include Mg, Mn, Se and the SH group, Cu, Co, Zn, B and Mo. Ali are important for animal or plant metabolism. Treatment of the products prior to cooking reduces the content of minerals and vitamins. A shortage of the above compounds, or divergences in their proportions from certain norms seern to be directly or indirectly connected with susceptibility to cancer. Manganese deficiency in Finland may trigger an upset in metabolism to such a degree that faulty reactions resulting in cancer may occur.” By Helvi Marjanen and Sylvi Soini

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