Ivana's Remarkable Expertise
Helping Animals

by Elaine Polny
(Ontario, Canada)

I was given a horse named Cash who was previously diagnosed with COPD, suffered from allergies, (a low immunity system in general) but she also had an old eye injury which blocked her tear ducks. This caused her tears to drip down her face often. Over the first year I was able to eliminate the COPD (also known as heaves) by allowing her to live outdoor 24/7 which is what we do at our place. The allergy was to the bugs in the early spring and summer so as long as I could keep them away she didn’t have the itchy reaction but I knew I was likely only managing the situations not curing them. I consulted two veterinarians who both explained that only surgery was the solution to the unblocking of her tear duck condition. Since it wasn’t life threatening I didn’t want to put Cash (who was 17yrs at the time) through such a procedure which I felt would just weaken her immunity system further rather than helping her get stronger, and then I met Ivana.

We completed a hair analysis which gave Ivana the pieces she needed to create the constitutional remedy specifically for Cash. Within one week Cash’s eye’s stopped dripping! I was amazed at the result especially after hearing what two vets had suggested as the alternative. Along with adding more vitamins and minerals Cash’s immunity system is improving constantly.

Ivana has remarkable expertise helping animals and I highly recommend the opportunity to take one of her clinics. She has the ability to explain homeopathy in a way that everyone can easily understand and learn how to use. I am grateful for all that she has given me…….the gift of knowledge.

Elaine Polny

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