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Forever Pet Care

Forever Pet Care is a program that helps provide for your pets if you pass away, giving your pets a voice when you are gone.

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Natural Horse Rehabilitation

Natural Horse Rehabilitation a Homeopathic Clinic for horses with a spa feel to nurture and rehabilitate, for those looking for that extra step in their horses health care.

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Natural Antibiotics

Natural Antibiotics, giving you the information you need when you are faced with an animal with an infection

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Homeopathy for Animals Home

Homeopathy for Animals... Your destination for information and answers, when it comes to the health of your animals.

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Horse Deworming

Horse Deworming, can be challenging and dangerous with chemicals, so here are some natural methods of ridding your horse of parasites.

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Natural Dog Guide

Natural Dog Guide, a guide put together with advice to help you care for your dog naturally

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Natural Cat Guide

Natural Cat Guide, a guide put together with advice to help you care for your cat naturally

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Natural Horse Guide

Natural Horse Guide, a guide put together with advice to help you care for your horse naturally

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Horse Supplements

There are many different kinds of Horse Supplements on the market, but do they address your individual horses’ needs, and are they part of a Total Health Program? Now there is one!

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Horse Probiotics, when should you give them?

Horse probiotics, like people horses also have bacteria residing in their gut. Good bacteria is absolutely necessary to digest food... but when do you give probiotics?

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Homeopathic First Aid for Horses

Homeopathic First Aid for horses will discuss the Homeopathic First Aid Remedies you need for a more natural approach to your horses health

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Equine Ulcers

Equine Ulcers, an aarticle to review signs and symptoms of ulcers as well causes and reatments of thos ulcers.

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Our Partners-Resources page indroduces you to the people and companies that are like minded with us at Homeopathy for Animals

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Natural Supplement

Natural Supplement, nature inspired supplement for horses is Non-GMO and made from only organic whole food sources

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Forever Pet Care

Forever Pet Care is bringing like-minded individuals together through our program to make sure that EVERY pet has a suitable new home in the event that the current owner passes away or can no longer care for his or her pets further.

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Hair Testing Horses

Hair Testing Horses, to understand why our horses are where they are now, we need to understand how they got there… Advanced Hair Testing gives us that road map.

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Fertilize for your Health Naturally

Fertilize for your Health Naturally, covers what you need to know about the health of your fields, and if your horses are eating healthy grass or not!

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Clydesdale Rescue

Clydesdale Rescue, a touching story and introduction to our Clydesdale Rescue Mare Ladybug

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The Best Pet Pictures

The Best Pet Pictures page is a place to add your pets pictures and stories for all to read

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Health of Animals, Some Words from Ivana

Health of Animals, I dedicate this website to all the people seeking answers where none appear to be, when it comes to the health of animals.

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Consequences Rat Poison

Consequences Rat Poison, why you should never use rat poison on your property

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Animals and Garlic

Animals and Garlic, should I give my pets garlic, I heard it was bad, is it?

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Clydesdale Rescue Updates

Clydesdale Rescue Updates, is our updated information about Ladybug and how she is progressing on only organic feed and homeopathy

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Supplement for Dogs

Supplement for dogs, is our nature inspired supplement for dogs that is all natural and GMO, chemical and pesticide free.

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Going to lose both eyes... until Ivana and the world of Homeopathy

My little tortie, Faerie, is the sweetest, kindest soul and so very precious to me. So when she came down with a cold last year I rushed her to the vet

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Forever Pet Care

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