Hair Testing

Did you know that Hair Testing can show you if your horse is tolerating sugars/carbohydrates?

You can see if that feed program you have your horse on is making your horse healthy or sick…This interesting part of the test can show if your cat/horse is possibly going into Diabetes or other blood sugar related problems (Metabolic disorders, Insulin resistance, Hypoglycemia etc.). There are patterns on a hair test that are very valuable. I have had instances where it showed Pre-Diabetic pattern even before blood tests. Months later the blood tests confirmed but how great is it to be able to do something before it gets really serious? Or if your cat, dog or horse is already showing blood sugar or Insulin problems…a proper look at the Nutritional imbalances can help solve the issue. After all…most the problems are diet related but most people have no idea where to start and are really only guessing. Hair tests take the guess work out…this is why I find them indispensable. They give me information blood work can’t. It can show me a road map of where a pet is headed months if not years earlier than what will occur on a blood test with certain conditions. Or it can fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle as to why an animal is sick in the first place.

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