I have good hay why should I feed supplements too?

I have good hay why should I feed supplements too? Recently, I got a few hay tests back from my own hay supplier and that of some clients and I must say I am very disappointed at the results that keep coming back. MOST of the minerals are low to very low. For horses this means you absolutely MUST supplement. Between doing hair tests (what the horse actually absorbs) and hay tests there has been a downward spiral of vital minerals that are getting too low and/or bio-unavailable.

Wide-spread pesticide use is making the problem much worse. Why? Because pesticides especially Glyphosate/Round-Up BLOCKS THE ABSORPTION OF MINERALS SUCH AS COPPER, ZINC, IRON, MANGANESE and releases heavy metals such as Aluminum so more heavy metals are released into the grasses and plants sprayed with this stuff. If you don’t think your hay supplier sprays – well some do but mostly it isn’t direct spraying that is the problem it is when a previous crop field is used as a hay field. All that past pesticide use is sopped up quite nicely by the hay grown in it…so guess where that goes? You got it – into our horses.

This is why I’ve formulated the Custom Horse Detox Mix for horses…it helps to put back some of these missing nutrients that keep coming up low again and again in the horses I test and the hay they eat!

If you are interested in purchasing a horse supplement actually geared to the minerals that are low in our hays and feeds…and don’t want to pay for fillers or minerals that are actually dangerous to horses (such as added Iron, Fluoride, heavy metals found in some supplements and lots of synthetic minerals) then take a look at my supplement for horses.  This is based on tonnes of tests on hay and the animals through our hair testing for horses.  For as little as $25/month you can at least assure your horse is getting the stuff that is no longer in sufficient quantities in the pastures, hays and feeds.

Yes I said feeds as well…upon speaking with a head Nutritionist for a very BIG feed company…they told me they can not provide ALL the necessary nutrients even in their complete feeds because they are afraid an over-dose may harm or kill a horse so they only put enough in to prevent death.  So even the BEST feeds still only can provide enough for mere survival.  This is why horses start to get sick…we think we are providing nice looking hay, complete vet approved feeds and lovely looking pastures…but this is not the case any longer.

The days’ of not supplementing at all are over I’m afraid. And the only way to prevent sickness or heal our animals is to make sure we put back in their diets what they are missing…

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