First Aid for Horses

Teddy-brushedFirst Aid for Horses, is something we all should know to keep our precious animals healthy. We will cover some basic Homeopathic first aid remedies you should have to treat Colic, Lameness, injuries, respiratory allergies and behavioral problems to name a few.

If you have ever felt the utter helplessness with your horses’ health problems and felt as if you’ve tried everything? Yet nothing seems to get them well and the costs are so expensive you almost need to re-mortgage your house…

Today veterinary medicine is expensive, although plays a vital role in our horses’ health. In terms of surgeries and in the case of Emergencies, I wouldn’t want anyone but a qualified veterinarian to see my horse. What can we do medically for everything else though?

By knowing the basic Homeopathic remedies, as well reading the Homeopathic first aid for horses you can recognize acute disease, and how to utilize your knowledge to treat it.

There are wonderful medicines out there that have been kept secret for way too long! Today keeping your horse happy and healthy is harder and harder and is more challenging now then ever before.

The tools are out there, the key is knowing where to find them and how to use them. Start today at optimizing your horse’s health with the correct combination’s of herbs, well selected homeopathic remedies and suitable feeding practices so you don’t have to feel helpless again!



Your Guide to Homeopathic First Aid for your Horse
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by: Ivana Holub H.D.d.h.s.(med)

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Here are just some of the topics that are covered in the OVER 50 PAGE BOOK

  • How to stop a Colic attack dead in it’s tracks
  • How to recognize dehydration and what to do about it
  • Optimize performance; heal injuries in half the time!
  • Discover the dangers of Cortisone therapy and some alternatives to it
  • How to treat Lameness quickly, effectively and inexpensively
  • A single remedy that is responsible for treating more than half of the leg and hoof injuries!
  • Remedy for over-staining or over-exertion
  • A remedy for Bucked Shins
  • Save your horse years of Arthritic pains with this incredible remedy
  • How to treat wounds and prevent infection without the use of antibiotics
  • Horse picked up a nail? You need to read this before reaching for the tetanus vaccine
  • How to get rid of that Stone Bruised Hoof in under a week
  • Broken bones mended in record time with this great herb!
  • A herbal and Homeopathic mix to tame the temper of the most challenging in the bunch
  • How a visualization exercise can help calm an anxious horse

This book will cover what you need to know about Homeopathic First Aid for Horses and Homeopathic First Aid Remedies

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