Rat Poison is killing our pets!

Unfortunately, I need to bring up the consequences rat poison, as many people feel is is a great way to control pests.

Early 2012, we discovered our 3 year old cat Skittles possibly got into rat poison. The previous people that had lived in the house had put rat poison in the basement that we didn’t find when we cleaned to move in.

One night I got awakened by loud scuffling and squeaking from the living room. Skittles had caught a mouse. We thought nothing of it at that time, until much later. Thinking of it now, the mouse probably had been poisoned and Skittles as playful as he is, thought it probably would make a good midnight snack.

The consequences rat poison has, as we quickly learned is that his poisoning wasn’t violent like we normally think of when we imagine rat poisoning. He didn’t have any vomiting and he didn’t go downhill quickly. He got sick ever so quietly and slowly that we almost missed it.

We thought he missed his companion Cleo who had just passed at the age of 21 and was just depressed. He was sleeping a lot more, eating a bit less and started to lose weight. I saw no other symptoms, so we thought we’d wait a little to see if he’d improve while changing his food. It was a couple weeks and he was starting to lose some more weight and was not improving.

I tried giving him Homeopathic medicines for grief thinking perhaps he was still depressed but that didn’t feel right. I did not have many symptoms to go on, I needed more help and information so I had booked an appointment with a local veterinarian to get some blood work.

The blood work showed severe anemia, it was so bad that when they went to take the blood apparently it was more pinkish water than anything else. He was also not coagulating his blood properly. It appeared like poisoning. The vet asked me if he could have gotten into rat poison as it looks like a new variety of rat poison that kills over a period of few weeks.

I asked if it could be anything else other than from rat poison, however she said possibly but not likely. From his symptoms, blood work and the fact that there was a history of rat poison being in the house she thought it is most likely the consequences of rat poison.

She suggested sending him to a specialized Clinic to get a $3,000 blood transfusion, but she didn’t think he’d make it through and the transfusion posed its own risks.

I later researched more about the “new and improved” rat poison and was horrified to find out what it does. It is an anti-coagulant and causes internal bleeding over a few weeks. It is a very inhumane way for even a mouse to die, never mind a beloved pet that accidentally gets into it.

There are several of these on the market , the one we had in our house had an active ingredient called difethalone which is twice the strength of bromadiolone. Bromadiolone is strong enough to be used on Warfarin-resistant rats. It is slow, very deadly and also really difficult to detect your pet is even being poisoned, until it’s too late.

We were told that Skittles probably wouldn’t make it through the night judging from his blood work as he was too far gone according to the Veterinarian. She thought the kindest thing to do was to put him to sleep.

We were torn by the decision but we decided we’ll try out Homeopathic medicines based on the new information we got from the blood work. I’ll be honest I didn’t have a lot of hope, and being emotionally involved always makes it harder to think clearly.

I reached out to several of my network of friends, colleagues for some advice as well but most of them seeing the blood work thought it was probably too late as well. After not being able to get my hands on Vitamin K1, the only thing listed on the package to help with the poison effects (only available by prescription) I decided to just use Homeopathic medicines and do my best with the tools I have.

I decided to choose homeopathic medicines to cover the anti-coagulant properties of the poison he may have ingested. I concentrated on the low platelet count, severe anemia and overall poisoning effects. I normally pick one remedy at a time but in this case we literally had only a few hours so I combined several homeopathic medicines and began administering frequently.

We decided we would give him a few doses to see if he responds, and if not do the merciful thing and bring him back to the Vet and put him to sleep. After even the first dose he started to perk up a bit, and wanted to eat.

We began dosing 4 x daily and offering food and water every hour or so. He started to get stronger and stronger. His appetite improved, and he even started to play a little bit that night with a string; which he hadn’t done for weeks. The life started to return in him.

Within 2 weeks he was back to normal running around the house terrorizing other animals, getting between my feet early in the morning trying to trip me and making his ‘machine-gun’ noises at the outdoor birds. His appetite was good as ever and his mucous membranes were a lovely pink colour again where they were deathly pale when he was sick. Skittles was back!

I wanted to share this story with you because it is important for several reasons. Number one please DO NOT USE RAT POISON EVER in your home, barn or anywhere!!! The consequences rat poison has is just too great.

Poison is so horrible, most animals are not as lucky as Skittles as the consequences of rat poison is fatal. Most pets that get into this stuff die, period! If you do catch it early enough the Veterinary costs are in the thousands and the outcome is still grim to say the least.

There is NO safe way to use this stuff. Even if you keep it away from your pets who’s to say they won’t eat the mouse or rat that is poisoned by it? If it takes several weeks for the mouse to die it is dying a slow and agonizing death and in the meantime it makes it easy prey for your pet to get it.

The safest way is to not use any poison in your house or farm period. Also, remember mice can carry this stuff and hoard it somewhere else. So small pieces can be distributed anywhere!

I wanted to share Skittles miraculous recovery because Homeopathy had a chance to shine on its own, again in a hopeless situation. It worked even when I didn’t believe it could because I thought he was so far gone nothing could help. I was pleasantly proved wrong and I’ve already seen Homeopathy do things where everything else failed.

In this situation I was skeptical. I should have listened to my own advice when I always say to never give up and never think something is too complicated or too bad for Homeopathic medicines to help. Because we never know! I believe very little is beyond the scope of Homeopathy but the challenge lies in getting the right homeopathic medicines to match the symptoms of the illness.

In this situation because there was so few physical symptoms to go on (in Homeopathy we base prescriptions on matching symptoms) it was like a needle in a hay stack. It was not until I got the blood work that I could choose a homeopathic medicine from a few instead of literally hundreds, and chances are I would have had it wrong. The blood tests narrowed it down to a handful that matched so I could pick the one that helped successfully.

If any of you are faced with something similar please feel free to CONTACT ME asap.

If you see your pet is off its food for a day or so and lethargic, take it to the Vet for diagnosis so you have more information and contact a holistic veterinarian or contact me but above all don’t wait too long. Get all the information from as many people as possible because the more we know, the better we can help our pets when they have no voice to tell us exactly what is wrong.

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