Clydesdale Rescue Updates

Our Clydesdale rescue updates!

As many of you know this past May 2012, we rescued a Clydesdale Mare named Ladybug. We received hundreds of emails asking desperately for our Clydesdale rescue updates. Well here is how she is now doing.

May 2012

After only a little over a week and half and Ladybug has made wonderful strides towards health. She has zero swelling, no nasal discharge of any kind and she’s very bright and curious about everything around her.

Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates

Her appetite continues to be very good and she has learned what apples are. She loves apples! She doesn't trust humans yet so she won't eat by hand, however we are breaking down those trust barriers and can see her starting to want to trust us. We are teaching her how to pick up her feet and she will only allow a few seconds before placing them down but she’s getting better. We find it funny though if there’s an apple in hand the foot goes up way faster.

On a more serious note – when we had a chance to see her feet a little more closely we realize they are worse than we expected. Holes in the frog and also maggots have been in to do their ‘clean’ up work. I’ve been applying natural anti-fungal applications as she lets me. It is a practice in patience more than anything else but well worth it.

June 2012

The weight is slowly creeping up on the hips and belly. I’m pleased to say Miss. Ladybug has a pooch happening in the belly area that I’m very happy to see. She is still getting fed four times daily with all her vitamins and minerals as well as hay and grass. She has put on a few pounds in the last few days which is great and she is one happy girl!

After two weeks Ladybug has definitely gained more of an appetite that is hard to keep up with...

Her legs are starting to heal and are no longer attracting flies and full of maggots. Although the hole in her Frog still contains maggots regularly, gross but they are efficient little creatures devouring all the dead flesh.

Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates

Still scared to be alone she shows a lot of anxiety when put in her exclusive paddock. We still need to be beside her for her to eat grass… So cute though when Richard tried to leave, Ladybug would stop eating and put herself between him and the fence stopping him from leaving. Then when she felt it was safe and he wasn’t leaving she would continue to eat grass keeping one eye on "daddy",to ensure he doesn’t escape. She now trusts us and will eat apples by hand, although it now take our trust her huge mouth wont devour our hand with the apples! Ladybug is now gaining more weight and is now 1,200 Lbs... a long way to go to 1,800 Lbs but well on her way.

Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates

It's now been just over a month and our Clydesdale rescue updates continue. Ladybug has been cleared of any sickness as she had symptoms of "Strangles". Since she is cleaned out and starting to feel stronger, we started to introduce her to our Thoroughbreds Teddy and Allie.

Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates

September 2012

With the entire perimeter of the farm fenced we allowed Ladybug to wander and explore with us beside her off lead… she found her “sweet spot” on the lawn and would eat till her heart content, then walk herself back to her stall and stand there relaxing with a full belly… such a good girl!

Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates Clydesdale Rescue updates

After only 4 months of strictly receiving Homeopathic Remedies, vitamins and Organic Feed... Ladybug is starting to take shape of a healthy loving horse! Her personality is incredible and her appetite is almost equal. Still a little light in the weight for where she should be, she is definitely on her way with a weight of now 1,350 Lbs. That is almost 100 Lbs per month she is gaining in a healthy way not fatty.

October 2012

Our Clydesdale rescue updates for this month are happy ones. Ladybug has taken over the "common areas" on the farm and enjoys her freedom of walking and going where ever she wishes.

No longer are her ribs visible and the strength in her legs is staggering. She is very content and even eats her meals with her eyes closed enjoying every bite! She has also picked up a habit of demanding treats on her schedule not ours... lol. She comes directly to the kitchen door and rubs her nose on the screen door until we come to give treats. She comes to the window and watches her food being prepared. It's the cutest thing!

Ladybug Now

Clydesdale Rescue updates

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