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Why Homeopathy for the
Animals Health?


I dedicate this website to Animals Health and all the people seeking answers where none appear to be.

I know from personal experience what it is like to look your animal in the eyes and feel totally and utterly helpless in easing their pain or suffering. For many of us our pets are more than just animals, they are truly our friends and family members. They deserve no stone to go unturned when it comes to their health and well being.

I remember days when animals lived longer and didn’t get “human” diseases. Now chronic degenerative conditions such as Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders, Allergies, Cancer and Thyroid problems that were virtually non-existent only a few years ago, are rampantly degrading the health of animals.

What’s changed when it comes to Animals Health? A lot has changed!

The food we feed them, the water they drink and the environment they live in is becoming increasingly more polluted and toxic.

I’ve been a Homeopath for over a decade now and have seen some spectacular results from Homeopathy alone, however when combined with proper Nutritional support the outcome is incredible and long lasting.

I would like to share the knowledge that I’ve learned, so if it helps only one person or animal then this website is a success.

I believe it is important to always be open-minded and to look for the simplest answers first, when it comes to dealing with our pets’ health issues. This means looking at the top things that our animal comes in contact with on a daily basis… FOOD, WATER and the ENVIRONMENT.

Often times the answers we are looking for are lurking within those top three. When we give their bodies the building blocks they need, they go on to heal and live happy lives.

The answers we are looking for aren’t always clear! Especially when the things we believe are normal or are healthy, are actually the things making our pets sick.

Please, use this website to gather information, to see things perhaps from a different perspective. Create a network of people that can help you. This may include your Veterinarian, your Nutritionist, Chiropractor, Trainer and others that may hold a piece of the puzzle to your animals health.

Always get many opinions, learn as much as you can, then make the best educated decision that you can, for your situation. No one person has all the answers but a few of us have little gems that can be the key to helping your best friend.

Ultimately it is up to us all to do our due diligence, to always stay open minded and keep learning!

I Hope this website will fill in some missing pieces, helping you with the health of animals you love. Perhaps it will bring back knowledge some of us already have known, but have since forgotten.


Wishing you and your companion animal well…


Ivana Holub H.D.d.h.s.(med)


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