All Natural Horse Supplement

Why an All Natural Horse Supplement?



In the last 40 years or so much has changed! Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) have been utilized to create crops that can withstand a lot more pesticide spraying than regular plants. These crops are mainly corn, soy, canola oil, wheat and sugar beet (and now in some places Alfalfa). Once harvested often times the next crop to be grown after heavy farming and pesticide spraying is a hay crop which is then sold to feed livestock.

Unless your feed bag says 100% certified organic – you can guarantee it contains GMO’s and copious amounts of pesticides. Most if not all horse feeds contain corn, soy, wheat middling, alfalfa and beet pulp!

Studies on GMO’s have proved they cause Cancer! GMO’s can cause INFLAMMATION anywhere in the body but mainly in the gastro-intestinal tract. Animals fed genetically modified corn for 3 months showed extensive blood-red inflammation in the gut upon slaughter. Leaky gut syndrome is not only a diagnosis for people anymore. Ulcers and gastric derangement’s are a reality when these foods are given to our horses. Considering that 80% of the immune system in the gut – this creates unprecedented problems with auto-immune disorders, allergies and inflammatory mediated diseases.

Add into this over-grazed stressed and undernourished pastures that horses spend most of their days eating and you have a recipe for disaster.

Sadly, our horses are fed this and are getting sick…problem is it is often overlooked and not even considered as the root cause of illness.

I’ve been a Homeopath specializing in horses since 1999! I see the number of horses getting sick with metabolic disorders, laminitis, cushings, colic, allergies and cancers growing! These issues are not only getting worse but are becoming more and more resistant to treatments and starting at an earlier age. I believe this is due to the fact that the nutrition is getting worse and toxins in the food, air and water are increasing.

So what can you do to help your horse? First you will have to choose your food and the environment your horse lives in carefully.  Choose non-GMO feed whenever possible; find hay farmers that don’t spray with pesticides and chemicals. If you are lucky enough to own or rent the property your horse lives on, then naturally fertilize, and take care of the soil.

I have done extensive hair tests on hundreds of horses and have found 90% of them have nutritional imbalances and toxic overload mainly Aluminum, Lead and Mercury! These heavy metals displace the good minerals and create havoc in the body. I have a 3 step process to helping your horse get rid of heavy metals, pesticide overload and nutritional deficiencies.


  1. Get a Hair Test for Horses done. The only true way of knowing what your horse has or doesn’t have is to cut a small piece of mane hair and have our Lab test for heavy metals and nutritional imbalances.
  2. Detoxify and Re-balance! Once we know what your horse is missing and what toxins have built up in his or her body we can now create a nutritional detoxification protocol specially designed for your horse.
  3. Use our All Natural Horse Supplement to nourish with only non-gmo, organic and whole food sourced vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids with our ‘Nature’s Inspired Whole Food Supplement! Use it after detoxifying your horse (step 1 and 2) as a ‘nutrient rich maintenance supplement’ or use it straight away if your horse has no known health issues and you want to provide a wholesome addition to your feed program.

How do I feed this all natural horse supplement?

It’s easy pick a base such as whole organic oats or a grass hay cube/pellet or even ground up carrot or apple and simply add the contents of our natural supplement package, mix and serve. Each serving comes in its own individual baggie for easy feeding. No fussing with measuring or guessing.  Or you can feed just the way it is – some horses will eat it on its own. After all the main ingredient is a just an excellent quality nutrient packed powdered grass.  However do not mistake it for ordinary grass – this organic wheat grass powder is harvested during a very short and critical time window of 10 days in the spring time. After the ten days the nutrient values drop more than 90%! The way wheat grass is grown and harvested is essential otherwise it is no more than lawn clippings. Our source is 100% organic and is grown under strict and controlled means.

Want your horse to live a long and happy life? Do you want to fix the underlying problems that cause disease? Start your horse on the 3 STEPTS TO HEALTH now and order your hair test and a supply of ‘Nature’s Inspired Supplement’ now!


How is this all natural horse supplement inspired by nature? It is a vitamin, mineral, amino-acid, enzyme and probiotic supplement made from only whole food non-GMO and 90% organic sources to provide your horse with only the best of what supplementation can offer.  It is the next best thing to your horse roaming wild and finding its own greens, minerals and nutrients!

What are the ingredients of the All Natural Horse Supplement?

Organic wheat grass powder, organic rose hip powder, sea kelp, organic whole flax seeds, natural sea salt, pro-biotic and 12 highly digestible bio-mineral salts.

  • WHEATGRASS: Contains over 100 nutrients! Is rich in Vitamin A, C, K, Chlorophyll, has over 17 amino acids, B-vitamins, Calcium, Manganese, Iron (natural), Iodine and Potassium.
  • ROSE HIP: Abundant in Vitamin C! Also contains Vitamin A, Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin K and Bio-flavanoids!
  • SEA-KELP: Contains over 60 minerals and trace elements, 12 vitamins and 21 amino acids. Richest source of Iodine. Provides protection against radioactive elements and toxic heavy metals.
  • FLAX SEEDS: Contains Essentially fatty acids especially Omega-3. Also contains Magnesium, Potassium and fiber and is a good source of B-vitamins, protein and zinc.
  • SEA SALT: Contains over 60 different trace minerals. A rich source of sodium chloride in balanced proportions to other minerals.
  • BIO-MINERAL SALTS: trace mineral salts that are easily assimilated and are integral part of the composition of the body.
  • PROBIOTICS: Healthy gut bacteria is integral part of your horse’s health. Stress, improper feeding, chlorinated/fluoridated water and chemical deworming harms good bacteria and can cause major health problems. We add plentiful amounts of good bacteria to restore and maintain healthy bacterial balance.

Why from whole food sources?

Most supplements on the market today contain synthetic vitamins and minerals which provide only a fraction of the nutritional needs a whole food source would provide. Secondly, only about 35% of a synthetic mineral can be utilized by the body at best. At times vitamins and minerals can provide a great service when used properly however long term whole foods provide superior quality nutrition.

But I already feed a complete feed and give a supplement why should I choose ‘Nature’s Inspired Horse Supplement’?

Complete feeds are never truly complete. The way a complete feed is designed is to provide the bare minimums to prevent death. Smaller amounts of most of the supplements are provided as to prevent accidental toxicity from over-zealous feeding or from a horse getting into the feed accidently. These feeds are made to just barely provide certain nutrients to prevent serious mal-nutrition – they are not designed to provide the horse with everything it needs for OPTIMAL NUTRITION and EXCELLENT HEALTH no matter what the label says!  Good marketing doesn’t constitute good nutrition. The closer you can get to feeding your horse what it would get out in nature on its own the better.

What are the potential benefits to feeding this All Natural Horse Supplement?

Because of this unique blend of whole food ingredients your horse will be able to digest better and get more nutrition per ounce. Feeding our Natural Supplement and following a natural based lifestyle for your horse you will see:

  •  Better digestion
  • Shiny and healthy coat
  • Better and stronger hoof growth
  • Hormone balance and fertility
  • Increased immunity
  • Decrease in allergies
  • Ensures proper growth and development
  • Increase in beneficial intestinal bacteria
  • Helps prevent and treat ulcers
  • Aids in balancing blood glucose and insulin levels
  • Provides much needed amino-acids that are low in our hays and grasses
  • Detoxifies and cleans the body

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