The VIP Program is being introduced because I have been asked many times to offer my seminars more frequently, mainly for like-minded people to get together on a regular basis to ask questions, relate common problems, figure out natural solutions and so on.

So I thought of holding regular short 1-2 hour seminars at my home Clinic in Caledon to do just that but took it one step further. I want to be able to help my clients as much as possible to stay on the right path and have all the resources at their finger tips at all times. This is a perfect way for us to share information.

What do you get?

  • FREE seminars, clinics and events to help you keep informed on how to keep your horse, dog or cat healthy.

  • Discounts to supplements, books, intensive teaching clinics

  • Special VIP card that gives discounts to local health and animal related stores (ie. Co-ops, health food stores, feed stores, farriers, chiropractors, natural trainers etc)

How Does it Work?

Once every month or two a short 1-2 hour talk will be held in my Caledon home Clinic to discuss various topics (including ones on how to keep yourself and your family healthy as well as your pets).

The only thing I ask is you must bring a person(s) with you to the seminar, I want to be able to cast a wider net out there and educate as many people as possible that there are answers and natural solutions for their health and the health of their companion animals.

This information isn’t readily available! It took me years to sort through and to watch from my own Clinical practice and this is what I want to pass on. I don’t want to keep this valuable information to myself… so please help me spread the information!

All you have to do is bring a person with you to a very informative talk (where there will be no pressure for anyone to buy anything!).

Examples Of Animal Health Talks…

  • Skin symptoms – sweet itch in horses/rain rot/greasy heel/sarcoids/tumours. How to treat them successfully and how success depends on treating it from the inside out

  • Top 3 diseases killing our horses – how to prevent and treat them naturally

  • Cancer in pets is on the rise what can you do about it

  • Kidney Failure in cats – one of the leading causes of death. It comes on silently, so learn what you can do to help your cat.

  • Learning the signs and symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your horse, often mis-diagnosed as a disease when nutrition is the underlying cause

  • Metabolic syndrome in horses, insulin resistance, laminitis, it’s not the grass!

Examples of Health Talks related to you and your family…

  • Detoxification why everyone needs it

  • Healthy heart the natural way

  • Cancer, one in 3 will get it and one third will die from it. Learn how to protect yourself and your family. If you know someone that has it, this seminar is a must!

  • Diabetes – there are natural solutions

  • Supplements – choosing the right ones

  • Weight control and sub-clinical thyroid problems

  • Allergies and Asthma

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